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About Cashgora: Before we describe the fiber of this wonderful creature, we have to mention the stars that produced it-members of our very own flock. When they're not gossiping amongst themselves, watching Mt. Rainier from their lofty pasture or playing tag with their family, Una, Victoria and Bonnie show the other girls how real fleece is grown. Some of our boys, (who have asked not to be named) having lost their jobs as the breeders of the flock, now redouble their efforts and show unmistakeable pride in the quality of the fleece they produce. Wrestling with the crown jewels of the herd, our twelve billies, fills Klaus up with great joy. Because it is a cross-breed of an Angora Buck and a Cashmere doe, the Cashgora goat has fewer guard hairs than the Cashmere. The resulting fiber has the curliness of the Angora combined with the softness of a Cashmere, and is excellently suited for dying.

Cashgora Top RovingCashgora Top Roving
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