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Finn Sheep

May we introduce to you another Scandinavian Sheep - the Finnish Landrace, in short - Finnsheep. Long before the "discovery" of America by the vikings (northmen) -forget the "official history and Columbus" - there were many breeds of sheep available to the northern european countries and their tribes in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. (also known as the Northmen, Normans or Vikings). These "vikings" made their sails out of fiber from their sheep - we could call that advanced technology. Makes you wonder what they really brought with them in the early days and what kind of off-springs in their genetic lineage is still traceable in the breeds in North America today? Nonetheless, the official "history" says, that the Finn Sheep was brought to America in 1968 from Finland - what a great year that was in history of mankind (flower power - make love not war) and nowadays besides the dominant white fleece in Finn sheep there are flocks available with black, brown and gray as well as spotted patterns in their fleece. Very exciting - the natural colored flock. The Finnsheep breed is well known for giving "litters" at birth - very prolific unlike most of the other breeds.
If you are interested in dyeing fibers, the fiber from the finn sheep could inspire you to even do more..... spin it, knit with it, wear it....

Finn RovingFinn Top Roving
Available in natural white.
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