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Crown Mountain Farms Animal Fibers - Shetland

Our small Shetland sheep graze peacefully with the goats of our flock (that is unless they have decided on a spirited game of tag). The ten ewes in our flock are gentle, loving beings that literally leap for joy at the drop of a hat. (ever wonder where the jumping sheep you count whilst falling asleep came from?) Emo and Apollo, our two proud rams, eagerly await the fall mating dance.

The Shetland roving we offer is processed locally from our own flock, and is available in four natural colors. (*subject to availability)

This petite primitive breed of sheep produces an abundance of soft, easily spun wool. The fiber is very fine, more durable than merino and less likely to "pill" due to its long staple length.

Our registered flock joins its fellow Shetland's in being descendants of the ancient breed originating from the Shetland Island north of Scotland. Numerous books have been published on the many uses of this wonderful fiber.

Shetland - Black
Black Shetland
Shetland Grey
Grey Shetland
Shetland Moorit
Moorit Shetland

Shetland Top Roving
Available in black, grey and moorit from our distributor.
4 ounces $8.50
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Shetland Roving WhiteShetland Roving
Available in White from our distributor
limited quantity
4 ounces $8.50
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