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Rosewood Crochet Hooks

Rosewood Crochet Hooks Crochet Accessories

These distinctive hooks are hand turned in Mexico out of cocobolo. It is a very dense colorful wood that ranges in color from brown to purple to red, with black grain patterning. This wood is very hard, guaranteed not to break during use. It is neither endangered nor a rain forest timber. Your rosewood crochet hooks will develop a patina over time. Occasional treatment with a wax is recommended (we use Howard's Feed and Wax).

Rosewood Crochet Hooks

Crochet Hooks available in sizes F through Q
Size F - K is 17.5 cm (6 ") long
Size L - Q is 21 cm (8 ") long

Each Crochet Hook will be delivered in a gross-grain ribbon case.

ROSEWOOD CROCHET HOOK 1 piece - $30.00 click here.

We offer our rosewood crochet hooks in a set of six.
The crochet hooks are 17.5 cm (6 ") long in the set with sizes F - K.
The crochet hooks are 21 cm (8 ") long in the set with sizes L - QRosewood Crochet Hooks

Each Set will be delivered in an upholstered case with silk ribbons (note color of case will vary).
ROSEWOOD CROCHET HOOK SET 1 Set - $160.00 Temporarily sold out.

Rosewood Crochet Hook set

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